is the festival of theatre for the new generations

Edition 2021

Artegna (UD)
from friday 8th to sunday 17th October 2021

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The team

Maria Giulia Campioli

Artistic director

I like cuddles and soft blankets, old musicals and romantic stories, but I prefer salty to sweet and I love spicy foods. I'm passionate about sports, especially when viewed from my sofa and I couldn't live without my family and a lot of laughter.
Lightness and self-irony make life easier, seeing is believing!

Claudio Mariotti

Contact person for the activities

I'm a shallow deep.
I am fascinated by modern art and its ability to transcend forms, I like to travel, and I do it above all with the imagination.
I enjoy spending time in the kitchen trying out new recipes, and rearranging all my books once a year.

Lucia Linda

Organizational support

Messy and a little distracted, on stage I find concentration and a precise direction to pursue: play with the utmost seriousness!
If I try to understand something of the complex human nature, I ask for help from art, which can investigate even the darkest and most indecipherable things, overcoming the limits of logic and dialectics, bringing light into my disorder and my distraction.

Miriam Paschini

Communication and Promotion

I madly love lasagna, a little less the numbers.
I dance my favorite song at full volume to let off steam from a bad day.
I like to be lulled by the sound of the rain.
Chocolate is my most faithful ally.