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Edizione 2022

Artegna (UD)
da sabato 8 a domenica 16 ottobre 2022

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Chain reaction

Chain reaction

is a project

that intends to develop the international vocation of Italian festivals, in order to make them recognizable and accessible to international guests

After visiting La Mostra of Igualada (E) and the Bibu festival of Helsingborg (S), that hosted the European Assitej gatering

next stop will be the BRIK Kinderfestival in Breda (NL), 8-12 of June

to then finish 2022's visiting at Segni al Giglioby Segni d'Infanzia (19-25 of June)

Chain reaction

aims at

stimulating the international growth of Italian artists and planners, through a process of networking and knowledge of some of the most important European festivals dedicated to children and youth.

with meetings and trips abroad

and the hospitality of international artists and professionals


The partners of this project are Italian associations that organize national and international festivals:

The six Italian companies taking part in the project are members of ASSITEJ Italia, which will actively collaborate as partner of this project.

These partners will be joined

by twelve international festivals,

which have shown willingness and interest in getting to know the Italian scene,
by hosting the partners of the project and Reazione a catena presentations.