is the festival of theatre for the new generations

Edition 2021

Artegna (UD)
from friday 8th to sunday 17th October 2021

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The Festival

Trallallero Festival!

Trallallero is the festival of theatre for the new generations in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region and it acts as a showcase promoting the hosted companies on the market.

Trallallero Trallallero has a beautiful story which follows in its creators’ footsteps.
From a small entity that faces the professional world with healthy and productive unawareness, to a more mature and structured one, with a solid and clear present and future.

Initially created as a space for the exchange of views and artistic sharing for the communities of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, year after year, it has grown, with new goals, therefore gaining respect and credibility in the national scene of festivals for the new generations.

Since 2015 Trallallero has had a biennial frequency: the even years are mainly dedicated to education, while the odd years are marked by a greater presence of performances. Since 2019 it has been an international festival

Trallallero required a lot of work,

but it repaid us with the appreciation of the artists and operators who attended,

as well as by collecting the support of both public and private bodies and institutions, such as the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, the Province of Udine, the Municipality of Artegna, the Intermunicipal Territorial Union of the Gemona area, Fondazione Friuli, the Cooperative Credit Bank of Central Friuli, and the MiBACT – Boarding Pass Plus 2019 call.

Our next goal is a stable international dimension, with the growth of

IdentiKIT – Kid’s International Theatre,

a network of collaborations with companies from Slovenia, Croatia and Austria.

We stay well anchored to our territory, to our small towns, to our children and youth, their families and teachers.

Our credibility lies in the awareness of the intimacy of the event, as well as in the potentials that it expresses.

is the idea of culture and territory that we want to pass on to the new generations;

uses the language of the theatre and contemporary art to involve the new generations and make them become aware protagonists of the cultural evolution process in our land;

is a space for meeting and exchanging views at a walking pace;

is a sustainable international development project that allows a territory, its artistic production, and its professionals, to be trained, to present themselves and to get international qualifications.