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Edizione 2022

Artegna (UD)
da sabato 8 a domenica 16 ottobre 2022

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About us


As mentioned, Trallallero is an idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčTeatro al Quadrato!


Over the years, however, there have been several subjects and public and private entities that have allowed this festival to come to life and grow year after year.


Reazione a Catena (chain Reaction project), supported by MiBACT through the Boarding Pass Plus 2019 call to develop the international vocation of the Italian festival and make them recognizable and accessible to international guests, deserves a particular mention.

Trallallero Works Consciously on a Small Scale:

limited stage, meeting and action spaces chosen specifically to allow greater reciprocity of experiences, encourage dialogue and comparison with any type of interlocutor: child, colleague, teacher, or any person interested in the world of children's theater.


Shows and workshops are chosen on the proposals received in response to the Participation Modes, open to all interested realities, seeking the right balance between Friuli Venezia Giulia productions, national companies and international guests.


The educational and informative aspect in Trallallero is important and central. Workshops and conferences for operators and artists are organized annually in Trallallero thanks to the collaboration of the teatroescuola dell'ERT FVG and Assitej-Italia (which also includes teatro squared) in order to give new stimuli and experiences both in the practical and artistic field and in the organizational and informative one.


As mentioned, Trallallero is an idea of Teatro al Quadrato. Over the years, however, there have been several subjects and public and private entities that have allowed this festival to come to life and grow year after year.

The biennial of Trallallero

Starting from the 2015 edition, Trallallero takes on a new formula every two years:odd years dedicated to shows and even years dedicated to training.


Trallallero is a meeting place, a new way to get to know and be known by operators and the public, a space in which to work together to grow as professionals and as people.



Opportunities to touch on new working methods, to learn about the experiences of those who have worked in the theater for a lifetime or to share problems and ideas to find the best way to grow in their professionalism, possibly building new forms of relationship.



Since 2017 we have activated the Project News, a space of vision and structured comparison with the operators present at the festival, dedicated to productions still in progress, which have not yet officially debuted or with few reruns behind them, which takes shape (from the 2019 edition ) through the critical observatory project: Criticare ad Arte promoted by the team of MateariuM - laboratory of new dramaturgies of San Daniele del Friuli.



The two-year formula allows us a better and more in-depth organization of each edition of the festival and anticipates the emergence of a possible problem: after five editions, many companies in Friuli Venezia Giulia have had the opportunity to present their best productions.

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